14 May

I love bringing lunch instead of buying, and my favored tool for packing is a tiffin tin. Goodbye, piles of mismatched plastic containers! A tin is a far more chic and environmentally-friendly way to pack food.

tiffin carriers

I inherited one from someone who brought it home from travels in the middle east, but you can find similar items at various places online. There is also a plastic version with insulation and tightly sealing lids –better if you plan to bring soup, or things that should be served at a particular temperature–but my summertime rule for lunch is: nothing that needs extra prep or heating. Think: picnic. I like having freedom to go outside of the office breakroom if the sun is calling.

Here’s a peek inside today’s tiffin:



Clockwise from bottom right: chicken breast stuffed with fresh basil, tomatoes, and the last of our farmers’ market chèvre; peppery cress with balsalmic glaze, empire apple slices (protip: to prevent browning, splash about a tablespoon of OJ into the tin and roll to coat the cut edges, then drain off excess juice); and a few peanut butter cookies left over from batches baked for a party the previous night.

‘tiffin carriers’ by flickr user jamesmorton


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