A little bite.

13 Jun

I’m in love with little bites, a small something enjoyed while a meal is being made. Less substantial than an appetizer, more considered than a quick snack, less precious than an amuse bouche. Not only does a little bite set the stage for tasty food to come, it helps tide me over if I’m a hungry girl, making prep time in the kitchen far more enjoyable.

little bite

Just a little something.

They come together all sorts of ways: the first time my ex cooked for me I was fed leftover bits of fresh mozzarella and basil while I waited for him to make eggplant parmesan. The bite pictured above was a fridge-cleaner, finishing off the ends of Albany Farmers’ Market finds: crystallized ginger and lemon goat cheese from Kipp Hill and pea shoots from Little Seed. Recently I was handed a deliciously sweet Medjool date stuffed with pungent blue cheese to munch on while I waited for a proper picnic to be packed up.

My rules for a little bite:

  1. Make it small. The goal is to take the edge off, not fill up.
  2. Make it quick. One or two minutes to throw it together, tops. This is not the time to fuss over something, save that for the meal proper. But, still…
  3. Make it a treat. Take a few seconds to add a garnish or drizzle, or perhaps simply indulge in something you normally wouldn’t buy in larger quantities. Even the smallest tidbit can bring great pleasure with just a bit of care.

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