23 Dec

I’m loving that pomegranate season is in full swing! Even though the pomegranate flavor/juice trend is so played out they still remain one of my very favorite seasonal treats.

pomegranate arils

totally worth the time investment to sort out the juiciest arils.

Growing up I’d see one pomegranate a year: on Christmas Eve. My parents, along with the relatives on my mother’s side, put on an elaborate and extensive Christmas Eve dinner every year. The pause between dinner and dessert courses, as a child, seemed interminable. Luckily the adults would let us open the traditional fruit basket while we waited. And there it would be: one solitary strange red leathery sphere snuggled among more pedestrian apples and oranges. And I’d go right for it. Someone (usually my dad) would slice it open and my fingers would grow stained as I picked out every juicy little aril.

Now I buy them frequently, but still feel that tickle of excitement every time it’s time to open one up. They’ve been a little ugly-looking this year, but with good yield. Just under $2 per is the best price I’ve seen locally at both Hannaford and Price Chopper. Surprisingly, the best looking and best yielding fruit I’ve gotten so far was from the Chopper on Delaware, a store not typically known for its produce.


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