Themed food.

26 May

I tend to make gimmicky food for themed gatherings. For my friends’ LOST finale party I decided to make an edible interpretation of the Smoke Monster.

smoke monster

You do not want to see this coming towards you.

I experimented with a couple of creature-making techniques. The final version ended up being built from a number of salted caramel popcorn balls to get that billowing, dense shape. I added black coloring to the caramel to make it match ol’ Smokey, and for the salt I went with Hannaford’s “Taste of Inspirations” Salish, an alder-smoked salt that imparts a nice strong smokey flavor. I held back a little as I was nervous the smokiness (though conceptually fitting) might be too jarring with the vanilla-y caramel candy flavor. In the end I wish I had used more as the smoke flavor stayed pretty hidden.

edible smokey

Cooling down after assembly.

I was also bummed the balls showed a bit of white popcorn here and there, but was reassured at the party by a super-fan friend who said the light parts looked like the creepy internal lightning flashes that appear when the monster is angry. For the piece de resistance the party’s host brought out a Star Wars figurine and placed it under the rearing front of the monster.

And then we pulled it apart and ate it and laughed as our tongues turned black. CHOMP.

Goodbye LOST, time to go towards the light…


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