13 Jun

I am (along with the rest of the free world) googly for macarons. I’ve been noticing these adorable french sandwich cookies pop up more and more over the past few years, and really: it’s about time. Something needs to supplant the cupcake as the dessert darling du jour. Yeah, I said it. Up until very recently, though, I had a bit of a problem: I liked them in theory but had never tasted one before and had NO IDEA where to find some locally. And when I decide I want to try something new, it jumps to the top of the obsession list. A plea on twitter netted me a few leads, but ultimately my attempts remained thwarted. What was an obsessed girl to do?

Well, duh, just cut out the middleman and make my own dang macarons.

The awesome and always-game Nicole emailed:

“i have a food processor and a scale.
i also have a large bag of powdered sugar and a brand new cake frosting bag with tips.
wanna ‘speriment?”

Well, yes. Yes, I do. We went by a recipe posted on Bakerella and other blogs, more or less. We may have played a bit fast and loose with some of the details. Still… voila: macarons! With feet and everything! Don’t let the pink color fool you, they’re the standard almond-y flavor with a bittersweet ganache filling. We just added some extra flair.

macaron attempt

Cruddy cell phone photo, delicious macaron attempt.

Were they perfect? No. The shells weren’t quite right. But they were dang tasty. And the making/baking was not as scary as I thought. I’m definitely trying again, and am giddy with potential flavor combos.

My dream is to convince enough people to try it out themselves, and then have a big Macaronfest, where we all get high on sweet sweet frosting-filled goodness. So, get going! Give it a shot!


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