Outdoor dinners.

26 Jun

Summertime is made for hanging out with friends, and the back porch is absolutely my favorite spot for having folks over and chilling out. Usually it’s just a handful of people chatting over wine, but recently the roommate and I hosted an outdoor potluck. Because of the weather (and our tendency to enjoy eating more healthfully in the heat) he suggested salad as the theme.  We rounded out the veggies with a few protein add-ons, some crusty bread, and a stockpile of wine. It turned out really well; a great opportunity for everyone to clear fridges or use some of their CSA or community garden extras.


C. brought greens from her community garden.

And for dessert? Ice cream with cherry pie, homemade using cherries the roommate had picked himself. We were all VERY PATIENT about waiting for it to cool off, until the smell became too irresistible.

cherry pie

Cooling off.

Warm pie + ice cream = my perfect outdoor summer dessert. Luckily the ‘a la mode’ part helped prevent burning tongues. Delicious delicious prevention.


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