Coney Island burlesque.

6 Aug

I try to get down to visit good ol’ Coney Island at least once a year. I’ve been bummed that I took the past two years off, so a recent trip downstate provided the perfect opportunity to get my dirty, gritty fill.

Now, some people go to Coney Island for the hot dogs. Or the rides. Me, I’m all about the freakshow and the burlesque. Nothing embodies the hot griminess I associate with Coney Island more than heading out to 1208 Surf Ave late on a summer night, sitting on wooden bleachers with a plentiful amount of cold brew, and watching some of my favorite performers while the beer bottles and I slowly sweat.

Bunny Love

Bunny Love kicks off the show.

Throughout the week you can catch Sideshows by the Seashore from 2p until 8. On Thursday and Friday evenings Burlesque at the Beach takes over with “old skool burlesque and vaudeville.”  But, wait… the two worlds collide ONE performance a week! Saturdays at 10PM the adults-only Girlie Freakshow: Bad Girls features BOTH sideshow AND burlesque for only $10! I was feeling like burlesque and my guy was hoping to see the sideshow, and we definitely lucked out with this hybrid. At nearly 2 hours long (with a brief intermission for stretching and revisiting the bar) it is a *fantastic* bargain for Saturday entertainment.

Speaking of beer: if you’re watching a show and want to stay in theme shell out for one or five of Schmaltz Brewing Company’s very own Coney Island Craft Lagers and feel good about the proceeds helping to support the mission of non-profit organization Coney Island USA.

The night we attended we were treated to multiple performances by Remy Vicious, Bambi the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Serpentina, and the delightful host Insectavora Angelica. My guy got a kick out of Bambi the Mermaid’s twisted “Delicious!” burlesque and I was into Angelica’s fire eating. Also, while providing patter between acts Remy Vicious told my new favorite dirty joke EVER. If you’re feeling brave and see me in real life I’ll be happy to share it with you. Heh.


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