The Perseids.

11 Aug

If you’re out at night in the next couple of days, get some wishes ready and LOOK UP! It’s time for the Perseids.

shooting star

Thanks for the debris, Swift-Tuttle!

I was a very young nerdlet when I first heard of this yearly-visible meteor shower. After much begging my parents allowed me and my best girlfriend to camp out in our backyard into the wee hours waiting for the show, which we imagined would be some sort of Jerry Bruckheimer-esque tableau with giant fireballs filling the sky. The best friend was less than impressed with the reality, but I was thrilled; I’ve been looking up ever since.

This year the Perseids are peaking Thursday at 10pm. Cross your fingers the weather cooperates and the sky is relatively cloud-free. You’ll be able to view activity in Albany, and you’ll see more the farther you can get from light pollution. If staying up on a work night isn’t your thing, try a nice late Friday night picnic. It may not be peak but you’ll still have a good chance to see some shooting stars.

I’m thinking of grabbing a bottle of wine and someone to make wishes with and taking the trusty rowboat out to the middle of the lake at my parent’s house. I’ve watched from many places over the years, but that’s my all-time favorite spot.

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    […] She was one of the judges for the Boston cream donut tasting many months ago, and she used to write on Eat in Albany with her special gentleman friend bk.  Now she blogs on Elizabeth Likes, which is how I know she wants a cocktail not just for stargazing, but specifically for watching shooting stars. […]

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