1 Dec

So there’s this guy, his name is Jason. We grew up together and have become peas in a pod. In fact, we’re on our 25th year of knowing each other. 25! The number blows me away sometimes. We joke that our relationship is older than some of the people we’ve dated. And for 18 of those 25 years Jason, the sci-fi aficionado, has been inviting friends over for a marathon viewing party of original-cast Star Trek movies. This has become my oddest and most long-standing annual tradition. When we were teens it was a pizza party, but now it’s all grown up. Trek Fest 18: Treksgiving took place at the UAG Gallery on Lark Street this past weekend from noon until midnight. Even though I was under the weather I dragged my sniffly butt over and got ready to yell at the bad guys, laugh at the dialogue, and drink Four Loko Blue Flavor Romulan Ale with one of my dearest friends. Am I a Trekkie? Nah. But I certainly love my friend, and it’s a tradition I’m happy to have.

spock turkey

Happy Treksgiving everyone!


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