Cookie swaps!

20 Dec
scenes from the cookie swap

Sugar! Sugar! Bubbly! More sugar!

It’s cookie swap season! Do you cookie swap? Rules follow: everyone participating makes a set amount of cookies (typically a dozen) for each participant, plus one extra for the ‘party pile.’ In the end everyone walks away with a wicked sugar rush and bags of delicious cookies. This year my roommate (pumpkin with brown butter frosting) and I (chewy chocolate drops with chocolate peppermint ganache) were in the same swap, and after some minor kitchen negotiation were both armed and ready to EAT SOME COOKIES.

We had pizza and salad beforehand, in an attempt to prove that as responsible adults, we would never simply eat baked goods for dinner. But the much-anticipated stars of the evening were the cookies, so after the slices were done we dove into the divvying. After making sure everyone had one of everything we opened up the party pile. We also took a moment to toast our pal Stephen in honor of his birthday. (Hope you liked the bubbly, Stephen! And thanks for making our lives a little more delicious.)

I rolled away at the end of the night with my bag and my belly full of the aforementioned pumpkin, as well as Charlotte’s glazed cranberry orange, Beth’s lemon thumbprint, Jody’s peanut butter, Stephen’s mincemeat, and Heather’s Mexican wedding cookies in addition to 7 layer bars courtesy of Nicole. Oof.

I found my cookie recipe on the back of a Baker’s Chocolate box, and it is incredibly quick and easy. You can see it online here. If you are wary of things like Cool Whip–understandable if you’ve read the ingredients list–just substitute 6 oz. of heavy cream. I also added a few shots of peppermint extract to the ganache for a little extra wintery flavor. Give it a try the next time you want a soft, brownie-like, chocolate drop cookie.


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