My 30somethingth birthday (part 1)

11 Jan

I’ll admit, I’ve not always been a fan of my birthday. I mean I’m happy I was born, certainly, but it was at a rather awkward time of the year: January 2nd–immediately after New Year festivities–and typically the weather is horrible, people have party fatigue, or are out of town, or have made some sort of resolution that prevents them from eating birthday cake and drinking over-sized margaritas and boots of beer. Last year when I was living with my ex we discussed alternative ways to celebrate. In the end we held a brunch, which turned out to make a lot of sense. It was less intense than a late night out, rather nicely low-key and relaxed for those (myself included) still feeling hungover from the holiday. Besides, I have a Sicilian mother so feeding people makes me really happy!

No question about it, I definitely wanted to do brunch again this year. Of course, I’m in a different apartment now, and I wasn’t sure how much seating I could squeeze in. Luckily all it took was a very minor bit of rearranging and some borrowed chairs, and the twenty-odd that stopped by to celebrate were easily accommodated. And so it went: we ate a ton of food (with indulgent casseroles alongside lighter fare like fruit salad and muffins for those on the resolution wagon), drank tons of oj and coffee (boozy mix-ins available for both) and hung on to the holiday weekend one more day. Though I told people it wasn’t necessary to bring anything but an appetite or a friend many contributed: The Nerd showed up early with a gigantic bouquet of flowers and a casserole. Alex and Dave both made really tasty stratas. Christa and Jason brought a retro pot of cocktail weiners. Stephen generously brought along fixings for mimosas, and added his own homemade apricot and cherry liqueurs for extra festiveness. Nicole made delicious (and giant) cupcakes in my favorite flavor combo.

One fun part of the afternoon was getting to see Albany grow ever smaller and smaller, as people mingled and found odd commonalities. For example: the aforementioned Jason (the guy behind Trek Fest) was talking with a woman from my book club and discovered she lives across the hall from his sister’s boyfriend. The bookclubber exclaimed, “Oh! Yes! The man with the cats! I want to borrow them to take care of the mice in my apartment!” Making new connections is why I like mixing different social circles, and why it’s such a treat to know people who play well with others.

Being able to have shared the day with loved ones and friends, new and old, in an apartment full of people eating, laughing–and in one memorable moment, booty dancing–is such a wonderful feeling. The only down side? I still get mortified during the whole singing part. Hopefully people are at least amused by watching me turn purple as I’m serenaded!

And that’s how I came to like my birthday. My deepest thanks to everyone who celebrated with me this year.

Movie Dog and Friends Celebrating Birthday

I'm horrible at stopping the moment to take photos. Instead enjoy this 1956 photo of doggies celebrating over a rib roast. Image © Bettmann/CORBIS

Next up: birthday part 2, celebrating with The Nerd at the soon-to-be-gone Dale Miller.


One Response to “My 30somethingth birthday (part 1)”

  1. derryX January 11, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday so far!

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