Coming out of hibernation.

10 Apr

Ahhh, spring! Thank you for finally being here!

Though I feel like I’ve spent most of my time hiding under a pile of blankets and quilts, a lot has actually happened this winter, and this promises to be a very eventful spring. As many have heard, M. and I bought our first house! We’re hoping to finish what has been a freakishly smooth closing and move in together by the end of May. It’s terribly exciting. Although, I now find myself obsessed with things like shutter colors and grieving property taxes and the pros and cons of carpeting which is NOT terribly exciting for those around me. More exciting: having a dining room–something we both currently lack in our separate apartments–which opens up the possibility of hosting lots of food-based gatherings in the near future.

Another change that comes with the new season: getting outside more often. Though I gamely try to remain outdoorsy during the winter I have to admit I hate the cold. I deeply appreciate the ever-so-slightly higher temps we’ve had lately. This weekend we took a trip to see M.’s parents in pastoral Washington County, to celebrate his mom’s birthday and retrieve the motorcycle he had been storing at his dad’s place. On Saturday I tagged along with him and his dad for a really enjoyable ride on the country roads and we stopped for ice cream at Battenkill Valley Creamery.

Battenkill Valley Creamery Ice Cream Menu

The menu (click to enlarge).

I planned to order a kiddie-size soft-serve chocolate/vanilla twist in honor of the Tour de Soft Serve taking place the same day. Then the young man working the counter broke it to me: there was no soft-serve until Memorial Day. Instead, I ordered a kiddie vanilla with chocolate chunks. M. got the black raspberry, and his dad got chocolate. Take a look at how big kiddie size is:

Battenkill Homemade Ice Cream Cones

3 kiddie(!) cones in various stages of being eaten. Clockwise from top: chocolate, black raspberry, and chocolate chunk.

If you’re in the area I strongly recommend stopping by for a scoop (or three). Battenkill Valley wasn’t judged the highest quality milk in New York state for nothing. This is tasty stuff.


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