Surprise rhubarb!

1 Jun
hidden rhubarb

In the game of homeownership surprise rhubarb is way better than surprise asbestos.

M’s mom was on the deck scoping out our plants and said, “Hey! You’ve got rhubarb!”

Me: “I do?!”

Surprise! Turns out there are two big plants tucked along the side of the deck, hidden behind lilies and rhododendron. I’m not sure why it was planted there, it’s a bit of a shady spot, and getting to it requires walking through other plants. I’d like to try to make something with it, though, so I’ll just step gingerly. The kitchen isn’t completely settled yet, so it’s probably best to stay simple. Maybe rhubarb liqueur, or a rhubarb syrup? Now, where did I unpack the heavy-bottomed pot?…


3 Responses to “Surprise rhubarb!”

  1. greg July 2, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    pickled rhubarb is super easy! cut the rhubarb up into ‘manageable’ pieces, bring a 2:1 mix of vinegar:sugar to a boil & pour over the rhubarb. once its about room temperature youre good to go. really good in chicken salad

    • Elizabeth July 5, 2011 at 9:46 am #

      Fantastic idea! I ended up making a rhubarb simple syrup with first harvest (post to come) but would love to also try pickling it! I can imagine it would be a great addition.


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