Last-minute experiments.

19 Jul

Six friends and I coordinated our wacky schedules to watch the final Harry Potter movie together. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for themed foods. I decided to see what I could whip up to celebrate the occasion.

I’d seen golden snitch cake pops earlier in the week and thought they were pretty cute. But I really, really dislike the texture of cake pops. I thought doughnut holes would make a great substitute, and I started daydreaming about making perfect little globes with edible gold coatings and fondant wings. Then reality hit: there was maybe an hour before I had to leave, and no time to go to the store. And right now I’m lucky if there’s milk in the fridge, forget about doughnut holes and fondant. Rummaging through my fairly bare kitchen I found the following:

  • EXACTLY 1 1/2 white chocolate squares
  • EXACTLY 7 strawberries
  • Random tubes of food coloring

A short while later the Golden Snitch experiment was complete:

edible golden snitches

Sweaty, messy and melting, but still edible. Yes, that's a sweet potato.

Here’s how it went down: melted the white chocolate and added a blorp of what I thought was oil-based food coloring to make it ‘golden’. Turned out it was gel and the moisture made the melted chocolate seize. Had no dairy so added a splash of oil to smooth it out again, knowing it wouldn’t harden properly anymore. Grumbled for a second, then decided to proceed anyway. Used a toothpick to dip the first strawberry in chocolate. Realized I had no place to put it to dry. Whacked up a sweet potato with one hand while yellow chocolate ran down the other. Propped snitch body on newly-made base. Coated the remaining strawberries and popped the whole thing in the freezer to set. Painted wings on parchment, let cool in fridge, drew veins on wing with toothpick, popped in freezer to set. Assembled with more chocolate and popped in freezer to set.

So much went wrong. Between the thinned-out chocolate and the heat and humidity the only thing keeping those babies together was being frozen, which also made them crack a bit. I took a photo at home since I was fairly sure they wouldn’t make it intact to the theater. But who cares? I mean, snitches! For my friends! For Harry Potter! Sometimes the spirit of a thing is so much more important than a perfect end product.


One Response to “Last-minute experiments.”

  1. greg August 24, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    haha! so much fun. wish my friends would appreciate something like this!

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