First harvest of the season.

1 Sep

My garden is coming in late this year, but I expected it. I waited too long to set up plants because of the move, so here I am in the last days of summer and I’m JUST starting to be able to pick things. Hopefully the loads of green veg still on the plants will have a chance to ripen before the weather turns too cold.

However, a pleasant surprise: I had sent my dad some seed packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library and he gave me some of his extra seedlings. I thought all of the tomato plants were green zebras. Some of the tomatoes started coming in kind of small and droopy-looking. Maybe the containers were too small, I thought, or perhaps the soil didn’t have enough nutrients? Either way I assumed it was a result of my shoddy gardening. Then one of the droopy little guys turned bright yellow overnight! It turns out 4 of the 7 tomato plants are actually yellow pear cherry! I’m excited by the unexpected diversity.

handful of heirloom tomatoes

First harvest of the season! Green zebra, yellow pear cherry and black cherry tomatoes.


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