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Notes from this weekend’s adventures:

12 Sep
  • I am getting too old to be up late drinking whiskey and listening to loud music, but I still had a great time at Friday’s 518 Rock n Relief Fundraiser at Valentine’s, sticking it out to the (near) end. It was nice to see a number of our musical acquaintances rocking out for a good cause. And kudos to organizer Eric Halder of Charmboy, because even with 18 bands, multi-item rolling raffle and bake sale, it was the smoothest-run event I’ve been to at that venue.
  • The Washington County Cheese Tour was a nicely pastoral late-summer road trip. Like last year’s tour we added stops at Hick’s Orchard and Roy Egg Shop. And even though I was stuffed with freshly-made cider donuts, I did not pass up the cheese panini offered at Consider Bardwell. It’s made with their Pawlet cheese, and is seriously tasty with a bit of mustard on the side to cut the richness.
Pawlet cheese panini

My 2010 Pawlet panino from Consider Bardwell Farm. Didn't even stop to take a picture this year, just scarfed it down.

  • Saturday’s Meat Fest was my first foray into making a large quantity of mashed potatoes that would be held for a while. I found a few tips and tricks online, and they all worked smashingly! Pun not intended! I might devote a post to making mashed potatoes, with fall and (gulp) Thanksgiving on the far horizon.
  • If, like me, you enjoy sharing popcorn with a movie buddy, don’t do it while watching Contagion, unless you want to become increasingly disconcerted for 105 minutes.