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A “green” alternative for seasoning wood.

9 Sep

Ikea GROLAND: Seasoned v. Unseasoned

I’m adamant about keeping the wood in my kitchen cared for, and I’ve long relied on mineral oil to season and protect. Thursday’s post about “herbal oil” on Re-Nest was the first time I’d considered the possibility of greener alternatives.

The product mentioned, BioShield Herbal Oil #2, comes in at a much higher unit price for household sizes: $7.50 for 3.4 oz (!) or $17.50 for 25.4 oz, compared to $5.29 for 16 oz of CVS branded mineral oil. Is this just capitalizing on the “green” movement? Or is this fancy version of linseed oil significantly better for the environment and/or oneself? I’d be willing to sacrifice some performance and some pennies if there’s a major difference. My amateur sleuthing (i.e. scanning wikipedia) isn’t helping to clarify much.

Until I learn more I doubt I’ll throw out the bottle of mineral oil I’m using now, but maybe when the container’s empty I’ll experiment with something new.